Fairbridge 1: “under fire”

The quirky little city of Fairbridge is about to explode at the intersection of sex, religion and politics.

Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Fairbridge is home to a sizeable LGBT community; as well as American Evangelical Christianity’s brightest rising star.

The people have embraced the contrasts and paradoxes as part of life in the New South. Students, hillbillies, snake handling tent revivalists, a new police chief, a feminist lesbian bar owner, rich out-of-staters… they all call Fairbridge home.

So far, the uneasy peace has held. Paul Draker – a gay, former Combat Rescue Officer – returns to the city to live out his days peacefully in the woods of Western North Carolina. But as the edges of the peace begin to unravel, and the culture wars reignite, he is on a collision course with a tortured soul on a perverse mission to kill as many LGBT people as possible.

” Everything a thriller should be and then some “

A #1 Amazon Bestseller


fairbridge 2: “BRIMSTONE”

A few short months ago, blood filled the streets of Fairbridge, North Carolina. Now the city is recovering from the carnage that was the Pride Massacre. Sort of.

Former Combat Rescue Officer Paul Draker is also ready to leave the past behind. The physical and emotional wounds of a life spent in war zones. The guilt over staying in the closet to save his career. The cost of survival. With his friends encouraging him to go easy on himself, he is ready to rebuild his life. This time, on his own terms.

But halfway across the country, a psychopathic sexual predator is released from prison… and he has a score to settle.

And Paul Draker is about to discover that, while he may be done with the past – it may not be done with him.


Trailer for Fairbridge #2 “Brimstone”